We've been plowing Toronto since 1984, and we look forward to the challenges each new year brings us.

We're fully insured and ready to service your commercial or residential property this year!

Snow Removal Services

Basic Snow Removal Service

We come and clean your chosen areas after every snowfall that is over 1 inch. This is our basic package, you may need to do a little shovelling yourself, if the snow is less than an inchs worth.

No Minimum Service

We come any time there's a trace of snow, and remove all snow.

Priority Service

If you need us there by a certain time every time, this is what you want - combine this with our No-Minimum service for complete coverage, and you'll never have to shovel this winter at all! Call us for details!

Salting Services

We can provide salting service, or use an environment and pet friendly substitute if you desire. We have packages for occasional salting, salting every time, or salting only when there is freezing rain. Call us for details!